Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Apple Butter Makin Days

One of the highlights of the fall is returning back to Mt.Vernon for Apple Butter Making Days.

K started the weekend by riding this trike around everywhere. He was set on riding it as soon as he woke up, which you can see was accomplished as he still has on his pajamas.

K and John Paul were very excited about the parade. John Paul loved getting all of the candy and K loved the bands.

He would dance from beginning to end and he was more entertainment for us then the actual parade. There were a few times that he wanted to join in with them and march beside them so we had to keep him close by, but for the most part he just danced and gave everyone around us a good laugh.

We have to pick up our yearly supply of Apple Butter. It is cooked right on the square.

The weather was great during the weekend and we were glad that we were able to return home and enjoy ABMD.

We think that K liked everything about it, but we know for sure that he loved the "bounce house." Even though he may have been a bit young for it, he just went right in and did the best that he could. He loved it so much he started crying when we made him get out. He still asks to go back so that he can "bounce, bounce, bounce."

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