Monday, February 28, 2011

Happy Trout Day!!!

Just wanted to bring this important holiday to everyone's attention. In Jill's hometown the take their fishing serious as they dismiss school for the day so that everyone can spend the day at the river. So get out and fish a little bit in honor of Trout Day!

More blog to come later as Jill and I are headed to our first vacation without Kellen. We know that he is in good hands as he will be having his own personal vacation and will be spending time with both sets of Grandparents. That said, we know that he may be a handful when we get back, but we wouldn't have it any other way and we give both sets of grandparents our full permission to do what they want, when they want, and however they want.

Not necessarily because we want to grant this permission, but because we know they will do whatever they want anway so we might as well not even fight it.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Pace of Life

With the help of some 60 degree days we have finally dug ourselves out of the snow. We were expecting 2-4 inches last Wednesday and instead we woke up to 6 inches and after a morning and afternoon of continuous snow, we finally ended up with about 22 inches. Although we have grown accustomed to the “dustings” that are generally received in our area, we welcomed this snow and while others may have had a bit of cabin fever we found that it was a good break and allowed us some much needed down time. Right now it seems like we were going 100 miles an hour in every direction and so it is very unlikely that we were going to get a break any other way and so we welcomed the white stuff. Since we couldn’t go anywhere, it made us stop, collect ourselves and just enjoy the time that we had. We know that it shouldn’t take 22 inches of snow to make us slow down a little bit but we will continue to work on that.

Unfortunately it seems like were picked up right where we left off before the storm and so we have resumed our 100 miles an hour pace. Due to this we will be posting pictures from the last two weeks tomorrow, later this week, or certainly by Kellen’s second birthday. Remember, we’re working on slowing down a bit. We didn’t say that we had it figured out; we’re just taking things one step at a time, and hoping for loads of grace along the way.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Enjoying our Snow Days!

We are about 24 hours behind on the blog update but we are blaming the ice/snow storm that hit our area on Tuesday. We are enjoying our snow days and hope to get a longer post completed by the end of the week. Until then we will continue to enjoy the extra play time with K, reading our books and lounging around, the extra hours that have allowed us to start our spring cleaning early, and just enjoying the break in the normal routine.