Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Love Summer Veggies

K is turning into quite the chef. He loves to cut up all of his veggies, put them in a pot, and then stir them all up.

At first this was a two person job as we would have to hold the veggie but he is becoming more independent and wants to do this all by himself now.

 During the summer our house is filled to the brim with all of the goodness form the garden. A few years ago we tried to have a small garden of our own but after a not so successful attempt we decided we don't have room for one and we are gone just enough that we can't be consistent on the watering requirement. No matter what the excuse we know that our garden never produced the quality of what we receive from our parents and grandparents gardens. We know that we don't tell them enough but we are certainly appreciative of all of their efforts and can't imagine a summer going by without the veggies.

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Woodman said...

Love the look of concentration on his face!! :) He is absolutely adorable!!!!