Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Rock and Roll Marathon Number 1

How awesome is it to be able to wear shorts outside in January. This is certainly not common when we are usually subject to temperatures in the 20’s and 30’s but this past weekend we were able to go to Phoenix and we were certainly blessed as we were greeted with some wonderful 70 degree days.
This was the first trip that Kellen has taken on an airplane and so our anticipation levels rose a bit but we could not have asked for a better traveler. Maybe it was the extra seat that we had between us, or the fact that he had so many people around him to interact with, but he loved the flights. Jill and I learned many things as well as this was our first attempt at packing all of his stuff, getting through security with a child, and toting a car seat and stroller through the airport. One of the most important things that we learned is to check the airport that you are arriving at as we now know that Phoenix has their international airport, Sky Harbor, but they also have a smaller regional airport as well. In this case we arrived at the Phoenix/Mesa airport. So we were forced to make some adjustments to our rental car plans and it made for a late night arrival at our hotel but the lesson was learned and will not be forgotten.
We spent some time in downtown Phoenix on Friday as we had to pick up a race packet and visit the expo. Just being back in a large city was great as there is a certain energy level that is created in that environment. We love to explore and since we have been to Phoenix before we were set on making sure that we found new restaurants and places to go to. The majority of the day Friday was spent in the downtown area but we did find some time to relax a bit and it was warm enough that Kellen was able to in the pool.
Saturday was spent visiting the farmers market and shops in Scottsdale, taking Kellen to a train park, and then exploring more of Tempe. It was a busy day for all of us but with the wonderful weather it was one of those days that made us want to stay outside and do as much as we could possible squeeze in.
Sunday morning was an early start as we were up at 5:30 getting ready for the race and packing up a bit. Because the marathon was a point-to-point run Jill had to drop me off in Phoenix and then we would meet up again at the finish line in Tempe. Jill and Kellen were already up and going and so they went out for breakfast and then did a terrific job navigating the city so that I was able to see them a couple of times during the run. As one could expect, it was mass confusion at the finish as there were 30,000 runners and even more spectators, but after Jill and Kellen survived a parking dilemma we were able to meet up. The rest of the day was a blur as we had to quickly get back to our hotel to pack up and check out, drive to the airport, and once again battle through all of the check-in procedures. We made it with a few minutes to spare but that seems to be a way of life for us now and one that we fully embrace as we wouldn’t want our experiences to be shortchanged in any way.
Cheering Daddy On!!

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Happy 1st Birthday Kellen

It’s really hard for us to believe that Kellen is one. Pre-Children it was very common for us to hear parents say that it goes by so fast, but the reality of it is that you can never fully understand what they are talking about until you experience it for yourself. Whether it is because your to-do-list grows sevenfold, you lose out on some sleep, or play more than before, the days are certainly a blur. K has certainly added a few wrinkles here or there and over the course of the year we have become more versed in all things baby but we can’t imagine missing out on the blessing that he has been. Some highlights from his first year include:
1.) He has always been a good sleeper. It seemed like from the first night that we were at home he would sleep through the night. The rare exceptions were on those nights when Grandma would come and stay with us and on a couple of those nights he would decide he needed a couple more minutes/hours in the rocking chair.
2.) The boy can eat. Whether it’s milk, cereal, or meatballs, he always has an appetite. We don’t know if it’s common for a one year old to eat more food than his parents but we lean heavily on the old adage, “he is a growing boy.”
3.) He is mobile. We were never anxious for K to start walking so early as we knew that this would simply mean another layer of defense would be needed around our house. However, moving everything out of his reach and trying to stay one step ahead has definitely picked up over the last two months as he has really started getting this walking/running thing down.
4.) He loves to go. Whether it’s a ride in the jogging stroller or a trip around the grocery store in the shopping cart, he is always jazzed up about being on the move. As the year has progressed he has started adding his own flare by waving to anyone and everyone that he sees and passes by.
On Friday we were able to get together with family and friends and celebrate Kellen’s first birthday. This was the culmination of a lot of planning on Jill’s part but she did a wonderful job and made the day really special and enjoyable not only for K but for others as well. We hope you enjoy some pictures from the celebration.


Fun game of how many nails are in the jar-- Believe it or not but the winner hit it on the head exactly!

He enjoyed his first sweets.

Hopefully group pictures will improve in the future
Kellen's new favorite place in the house

Wonderful christian friends to celebrate with!

Guys having a nail driving contest

What a great day!!