Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Merry Christmas

This past weekend we made a trip up to SW Missouri to celebrate Christmas with the Roberston/Hopkins side of the family. While the time always seems to go by fast we were able to squeeze quite a bit in. We spent Saturday trading Christmas presents and eating way too much food, but we always enjoy seeing everyone and wish that we were able to get together more often.

This year we decided to keep Christmas stress free, so we decided to give “As-Seen-On-TV” gifts.

Kellen didn’t understand everything that was going on but he did seem to really enjoy ripping all of the presents open.

We didn't send christmas cards this year but hope everyone has a wonderful time and here is our blog card to you!!

May your holiday be merry and bright!!!

Merry Christmas from Mark, Jill, and Kellen!!!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Thanksgiving/White Rock Half Marathon

While we never have enough time at Thanksgiving we are blessed that our families only live 45 minutes apart. This allows us to split time between both of our families and while it leads to some hectic days, we wouldn’t have it any other way. The four days are a blur as we travel the country to parents and grandparents houses and what seems to be everywhere in between, but this is certainly one of our favorite times of the year. The days are spent focusing on our families and although we probably get to see them more often than others who have to travel greater distances do, this time always makes us reflect and realize how thankful we truly are for great families. This was K’s first Thanksgiving and he certainly enjoyed being one of the centers of attention as he and his other cousins split some time being loved on by all of the grandparents.

Best Farm Hand

First Horse Ride!!


First Tricycle Ride

Jill's first real homeade apple pie!

We headed to Dallas last weekend for a brief weekend get-a-way. We were able to get out of town a little early on Friday and although it was a 5 ½ hour drive, K did really well in the car and he didn’t seem to mind being in his car seat for the extended period of time. It certainly helped that Leta, one of his “Gran-Nannies”, was in the back to help entertain him as he had to endure the carseat a little longer than we intended since all of the road construction in Dallas confused our Garmin to no end. After circling on the same road four times and two calls to the hotel we abandoned the new technology and instead relied on Jill’s hunch that “we should turn down this road.” Amazingly, it worked.

We were blessed with beautiful weather on Saturday and we spent the majority of the morning visiting some of the attractions at Fair Park. K loved the aquarium the most but he also seemed to enjoy the large stuffed animals in the Natural Sciences building and the butterfly house as well. The rest of the day was spent shopping in various areas around Dallas.

On Sunday, Jill and I headed to Fair Park again to participate in the White Rock ½ Marathon. We have completed a handful of runs over the last few years but this was by far the largest that we have ever participated in. With close to 20,000 runners it was certainly a festive event and one that Leta and K could enjoy as it was large enough that it was televised live. This allowed them to watch it from the warmth of the hotel room instead of bundling up and enduring the cold air for a couple of hours.

The run itself was great as it took us through downtown, the Highland Park area, and then back around Fair Park. We were both able to enjoy running together and were satisfied with our runs and so this was certainly one of our favorites and one that we will consider doing again in a few years.

Playing boo with Grammie!!

Our congratulations sign from Kellen and Grammie