Thursday, June 2, 2011

Rock and Roll Number 3-- Nashville

We headed to the Country Music Capitol of the World to complete leg three of the 2011 Marathon Challenge. When we were selecting races for the year we knew that we wanted to participate in the Country Music race because we had never been to Nashville and because we had heard so many good things about the race. Obviously word had spread to others as well as there were over 33,000 runners signed up.

Since this was our first trip to Nashville we decided to take an extra day and a half off so that we could make sure and get everything in. This turned out not to be a problem though as we found that we were able to quickly hit what we had been told were the highlights of Nashville. We felt like we were able to experience the city fairly well in a day and so we then started looking at the surrounding areas. One of the best things that we found on Saturday after the race was a small festival being held in Franklin, about 20 minutes outside of Nashville. It was great to be able to enjoy the small town and visit the small specialty shops as well as the booths at the town fair.

Grammie did a lot of this (chasing after Kellen)
Neat old print shop in Downtown Nashville

Sunday was a day that was reserved for travel as we had to make the 8 hour trek home. If you live anywhere in the Midwest then you know that we have been inundated with rain lately and on this day it certainly felt as if we were dumped on for hours on end. After stopping over for lunch in Memphis we were packing up for the last 5 hour stretch when we were greeted with the tornado sirens and the warning that they may close the bridge on I-40. So we loaded up as quickly as we could and then drove right into the storm. For the next five hours we were in a constant rain storm and our conversation was often interrupted so that we could listen to the emergency warnings on the radio but we all made it home in one piece and we are thankful that we were able to check off yet another race.

Great ribs in Memphis

What a great day!!